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  • Honorary President, Prof. David Rasmussen
  • Director, Professor Sebastiano Maffettone
  • Vice- Director, Dr Valentina Gentile

Permanent members

  • Francesca Corrao, Full professor LUISS
  • Gianfranco Pellegrino, Associate Professor, LUISS
  • Volker Kaul, Teaching Fellow, LUISS
  • Marcello Di Paola, Adjunct Lecturer, LUISS
  • Domenico Melidoro, Adjunct Lecturer, LUISS
  • Corrado Fumagalli, Post-Doctoral Fellow, LUISS

Other affiliated members

  • Aakash Singh, Research Professor, University of Bangalore
  • Ingrid Salvatore, Assistant Professor, University of Salerno
  • Mirko Garasic, Visiting Professor, University of Lucca