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Cooperative Commons (2013-2014)

cooperative commons

The project

Cooperative commons' project is promoted by CEGP in collaboration with Lega Coop and members of CERSDI at Luiss. The project has a duration of one year (2014) and it is aimed to build a closer collaboration between the University and the Italian cooperative world around the topic of the ethical treatment of individuals' data. Rationale Information infrastructures support the exchange of goods and services. Citizens leave digital traces everywhere and these traces generate value for infrastructure owners. The design of federated environments for trusted services can change the value distribution in the virtual world according with the principles of the Cooperative Commons' manifest.

Project objectives

The future of identity in the information society has been widely studied in the last decade by philosophers, lawyers, political and social scientists. The evolution of institutional forms (e.g. online communities, crowdsourcing, etc.) and information technology (e.g. big data, social media, cloud computing, mobile, digital platforms, etc.) is changing traditional privacy and security concerns by shifting the focus of information management from a prevention paradigm to a paradigm of reaction . In this context the privacy problem are not only related to ensuring the protection from losses of confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data but to the exploitation of potential benefits associated to digital traces generated on digital platforms and information infrastructures. IT solutions supporting online cooperation between identity providers and service providers (i.e. federated AAI ) must be revised in order to face the challenges of the new concept of identity in which end users participate to the management and exploitation of digital traces generated on digital platforms and information infrastructures. The Cooperative Commons project aims at developing a new approach to conceive and use privacy-enhancing technologies (PET) for online cooperative environment in which end users participate to the exploitation of value generated through their online behavior. A main objective of thisfirst the development of social interactive, ethically sensitive, trustworthy, self-organized and resilient systems that connect people and organizations through innovative institutional forms.