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Monitoring the Arab World (2011- 2012)

The project has a duration of one year. It includes research activities on the Arab World and on Yemen in particular. The idea of ​​the project is to enhance the role of information in the dissemination of the specificities of the Yemenite socio-political condition considering the recent events in the Arab World. The project aims to facilitate the understanding of the present political transition. The analysis of the current situation and the study of the possible future developments will be at the core of the project, which is interdisciplinary and extremely sensitive to the cultural specificities of the contexts.

The project consists in two main activities:

  1. Monitoring the Arab World - Four well known intellectuals from four different countries send short reports about the socio-political situation of their countries (July-August-September-October 2012). Collecting the papers will give the opportunity to have an original viewpoint for understanding and evaluating the main developments of the Arab World.
  2. Course on Civil Society, Rights, and CommunicationAn intensive interdisciplinary and high-level course (September 24/October 11, 2012) on three areas: a) Human Rights and Justice; b) Civil Society and Institutions; c) Communication and freedom. The course is divided into two parts: traditional classes and interactive seminars. The course will have fifteen Yemenite participants selected among journalists, artists, intellectuals, opinion makers, etc. The instructors of the course are selected from the Scientific Coordinators of the project. 

The publication of the outcomes of the research is expected.